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Response to prompt #1.
She just wanted to be normal…
But in her heart she felt, in her mind she knew that all she was - all she would ever be - was anything but.  
The first day she noticed, she was nine years old.  She was at home, leaned up against the wall, sitting on the bed in her room, and it was raining.  It’d been raining all day.  With a shaky hand, she turned the page of the book she’d been rereading, Roald Dahl’s Matilda, and tried to tune out the screaming coming from a few rooms over.  
"What do you mean, you don’t have any money!  You work eight hours a week, Ted!  How the fuck are we supposed to pay our electricity bill if we don’t have any money?!”
"I mean I don’t got no money, Linda!  The guys ‘n I were playin’ poker and I used the last of it for cigs!  Maybe if you got your ass off unemployment, we wouldn’t have this problem!”
Frustration and anger rose
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Satsuki's Ambition
Long, jet black locks silently blew in the wind, billowing and flowing  freely around a feminine, slender figure.  The young woman sat quietly on a bench not too far outside of Cerulean City, still as a statue - hands neatly folded into her lap, back straight.  Her gown, like her hair, fluttered freely, even as her body remained still.  If one looked carefully perhaps they'd be able to make out the subtle parting of her lips as she exhaled every few moments, but that was it.  Satsuki sat staring straight ahead, lost in thought.
It couldn't have been more than ten minutes ago since she had found out that the trainer she'd been running into more and more frequently was none other than Red.  The Red; who had taken down Team Rocket, who had earned the title of Champion, who had, unintentionally, made himself Kanto's legend.
Satsuki envied and idolized him at the same time.  He was everything she'd envisioned in a
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Velma Costume - Halloween 2011 by Nyatta-chan Velma Costume - Halloween 2011 :iconnyatta-chan:Nyatta-chan 2 0
Just a poem.
My skin is cracked
My lips are chapped
My hair's worn thin
My will's giving in
I could be hung up on you
And you might not have a clue
I tried to hide so casually
How much you mean to me
You're all the way over there
And I'm here
I'm still attempting to ignore
What I couldn't before
A guy like you
Wouldn't want a girl like me
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Choco's Intro.
"There. Got all the money..." a burly man muttered, throwing an enormous sack of money over his shoulder. "Now to get outta here." The robber sneered, ready to run off before the police or any other authority figures could show up. He got a good run for it and darted off into the streets, causing drivers to honk angrily and pedestrians to cuss his way. When at last he reached an abandoned alleyway, the man stopped to count his cash. Sirens of police cars wailed in the background, but that did nothing to hinder his pride and wide grin as they sped by. "Fuck the police. They don't know jack shit." A chuckle left his lips. "They couldn't even find me here. Dumbasses!"
"Excuse me, but that's not a very nice way to talk about people who take time out of their lives to enforce the law!" a feminine voice called from behind.
"The fuck is that?" the robber snarled, whipping around to face his company.
Standing before him was a young woman, white gloved hands on her hips with a small, disapprovi
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Superhuman Chapter One
The bell ending school rang, and Kiree was the first to leave the classroom. She headed down the hallway to her locker, lugging her heavy blue Jansport backpack along until she reached her destination and turned the black knob three times to the correct white slits. Kiree's somewhat pale fingers pulled up on the silver handle, opened and closed her locker after adding some notebooks and textbooks to her already backbreaking load, then set off to head home.
The 5'5" teen brushed long blonde-electric blue streaked hair away from her face as she stopped in the middle of the hallway. Her eyes searched through the passing students, her left gray one matched with an equal disappointment her right blue one held. He wouldn't show up - she knew he hadn't come to school for a reason, yet somehow part of her wished he'd be there to walk her home.
"Hey, it's Keeree!" An annoyingly all-too-familiar, valley girl voice made the blonde groan and snap out of her thoughts, before stopping to face its sp
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The White Room
It was a bare, brightly lit room with white everywhere.  There was no sound, no movement, no scent which wafted through the air.  Just a wide room with a white floor, white ceiling, and white walls.
And a girl.
A skinny girl in a white gown, with paper-white skin, coarse long, white hair, pallid lips, and white eyes.  She sat dead center in the room, legs crossed, feet bare.  She sat, body perfectly still, staring straight ahead without a sound.
Stagnant.  Silent.  
She didn't even flare her nostrils or part her lips to breathe.
Silence.  Stillness.
Her eyes remained blank, expressionless as a small crack appeared in the wall before her.  A fissure so nominal that, had she not been so observant, it would have gone unnoticed.  
Such was not the case.
The cracks aggrandized, yet the white female's focus did not break.  Silence faded into noise as plaster gave away, the flawless room's "fro
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I don't know how long after it was, but some time later I blinked my eyes open.  I found myself in a white room, lying in a bed with white sheets.  Looking to the left I saw a small bedside table, and on it in a glass vase was a single daffodil.  To the right was a small metal pole, which had a pouch of liquid hanging from it.  I saw a tube hanging from it and looked down - it was connected to my right arm.
This place wasn't Heaven or Hell.  It was a hospital room.
How had I not died?  My head hurt and my body felt slightly numb, but it wasn't what I'd expected - to say the least.
I tried to recollect my memory to the last events.  Zabuza and I had been fighting the Leaf Village ninja.  The pink haired girl…Sakura?  Sasuke, and Naruto…and their sensei Kakashi.  They were all protecting the bridge builder.  I couldn't recall his name.  Zabuza was fighting Kak
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"Hold onto my voice.  He thinks he's won!  But as sure as he's a coward, he will try to kick you."
The words of Slim's trainer rang through her head, and past visions flashed before her.  Mitch, jumping out of the closet, grabbing her from behind.  Mitch, kicking her to the face when she was down.  Mitch, tossing her to the floor forcefully.  Mitch, keeping his grip around her neck as he threw her against the wall.  Mitch, her husband, tossing their daughter Gracie off him like a rag doll and letting her head hit the floor, making the seven year old cry in pain.  Each and every flashback fueled her rage and apathy towards him, strengthened her hate for what he'd done to her and her daughter, how he ruined their lives.
With tear filled eyes, Slim sent a powerful kick to his stomach.
Mitch flew into the small iron rail, knocking it over as he plummeted below to the living room.  His body collided wi
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Prologue for White
I felt myself slipping away from my body as my eyes fluttered shut.  Just slipping…  It was a sensation I'd never felt before, but I knew what it was.  Dying.  Cowards were afraid of death, people like Gato.  The brave like my master Zabuza never cringed at the thought of it, as it danced on their flesh, eager to bring them under.  For that very reason, I accepted death's numbing embrace and submitted.  I submitted to death for Zabuza.
The last thing I saw before my eyes closed were the white snowflakes that had begun to fall from the sky.  
It was then that I realized I was crying.
:iconnyatta-chan:Nyatta-chan 2 2
"Jonah!" BeatFreak cried, flailing in Novacaine's grasp. "Jonah, help me! J-"
"That's enough, Little Screamer," the redhead cooed tauntingly, clamping a hand over the teen's mouth. "Your boyfriend can't save you now." Ice blue eyes flicked over the tomboy's features, and she licked her lips as they spread into a wide grin.
"Nobody can."
"Mmph!" BeatFreak's eyes widened with a wild, scared look to them, like a caged animal. She tried biting at Novacaine's hand but it didn't seem to work. If anything, her grin grew.
"Now now. You need some calming down." She reached down into her purse with one hand, the other holding BeatFreak, and drew a plastic syringe which contained a light blue liquid.
BeatFreak thrashed about in desperate attempts to free herself from Novacaine's grasp, but the woman was too strong.  By the looks of things, she was beginning to get frustrated.
"Jesus Christ," she hissed vehemently, "hold still."  But the blue haired girl didn't hold still, and
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Enter BeatFreak.
A peculiar looking girl roamed the streets, earphones in, hands in her jean pockets. She seemed oblivious to the world around her as she walked on with closed eyes, fazed by nothing.
The teen wore worn, baggy jeans, orange Converses with matching orange goggles, fingerless striped blue and orange gloves, and a black, baggy t-shirt. Her blue hair was disheveled as always; the short length making her appear boyish. Music blared from the iPod nano in her pocket, yet by her lax, calm disposition it looked like the noise was nothing to her.
Suddenly, she stopped in front of an alley, violet eyes behind her goggles open and alert. Down the alley there were two people fighting: one a muscular, tall man, the other an almost equally built, slightly shorter man. The two were exchanging blows, kicking at each other – basically, fighting to the death.
"You've gotta be kiddin' me," the girl muttered under her breath as she walked towards the two. Through the music blaring from her iPod –
:iconnyatta-chan:Nyatta-chan 0 12
Silent Night
Snow fell softly from the pitch black sky, coating the ground in a soft, white blanket.  Nothing lit the streets except for the occasional street lamp.  All other lights were out, as the city's occupants were fast asleep.  Funny; Gotham was gifted with the nickname of the city that never slept.  But tonight, the sleepless place and its citizens seemed at rest.  Well, mostly every citizen.
Purple three inch heels soundlessly moved through the snow. The female who wore them released a barely audible sigh, her breath visible in the cold wintry air.  Ice blue eyes narrowed in disappointment.  Nobody was in sight, other than herself.  No prey, no quarry.  Such a sad situation.
Tonight Novacaine wore a just above the knees, striped blue and white pencil skirt, a long sleeved and tight fitting silvery v-neck shirt, pink earrings meant to look like Christmas tree ornaments, a bright orange, small purse on
:iconnyatta-chan:Nyatta-chan 3 8
The Fall
'Jump.' that voice inside her head urged her.  'Jump.'  Kiree looked down at the ground four stories beneath her and sucked in a nervous breath.  If she didn't do it now, when would she know?  How?
'You'll know too late, or you'll never know at all,' the voice told her.  'Jump.  Jump -now-.'
"All right," she murmured.
Kiree closed her eyes, leaned back, and fell from her open window into the cool night air.
For those few moments, it felt like she was flying - falling gracefully, descending slowly…blue and grey eyes remained shut as she fell, blonde-electric blue streaked hair whipping around her.  She found serenity, peace…
The ground came upon her quickly, and Kiree managed to stifle a pained cry as her body harshly, awkwardly mashed into the hard concrete.  She opened her eyes to look at the damage that'd been done.  She'd torn the skin on both knees, landed on her right arm, which sur
:iconnyatta-chan:Nyatta-chan 1 14
Incense Sunrise
It was early, and the sun hadn't risen yet; the skies still quite dark as a result.  But despite the time…actually, because of it, Nyatta was awake, moving about in her small dark house.  Silky brown curls were worn down, flowing freely and bouncing slightly every time she moved.  Her hair was long, and she liked it that way, inches above her waist.  Most women, she'd found, got their pride from their breasts or  their bottom.  Even both sometimes.  They'd wear small outfits to flaunt what most often they didn't have.  No, Nyatta was different.  Her pride lay in her eyes and hair.  She possessed the beauty that shone through by being modest, humble, shy.
Nyatta wore a deep blue kimono, a goldenrod obi around her waist.  Her feet were bare, and the kimono's  sleeves hung loosely around her wrists, revealing smooth beautiful skin.  Years ago she didn't dr
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I really can't believe I haven't updated this since March of 2012, and I'm sorry about that!  I hardly go on DA these days, and a lot has happened, some of which I'm still trying to deal with.  But, to focus on the present, I'm currently going to a community college in hopes of raising my GPA so I can go back to my "old" college, where I was majoring in Creative Writing.  The college I'm going to right now is okay - nothing great, but better than I expected, and I really like my Literature Into Film class, as well as the professor I have.  Something about elderly people who don't give a fuck just brightens my day.

On a more personal note, I've been in remission for over two years!  I'm hoping that soon enough I'll be considered cured, but for now I'll take what I can get.  I don't need to go to CHOP for scans anymore; I only need to go every few months to meet with my oncologist and get blood work, but other than that, no more scans, no more worrying about not being able to eat/drink in preparation, and no more IVs!  It feels funny, when I try to think back on having cancer, because it feels like it happened forever ago.  It's a good feeling, having the past in the past.  I just hope it stays that way.

Two things I'm looking forward to are Jaycon and AnimeNEXT.  If all goes well, I'll be able to go to both as Black Widow, assuming I get my costume in time and it fits decently.  If not, I'll probably just go as Velma or a Leafeon gijinka again, or maybe I'll be able to think of something/someone else to cosplay.  All I know is I'm really excited and the end of March/beginning of June can't get here fast enough.

Also, and excuse me for sounding like a typical girl here, but there's this guy, and I'm like 90% sure I'm head-over-heels.  The wonderful thing is the feeling is mutual, and although I'm not looking for a relationship just yet, I'm the happiest I've been in a while.  I don't know how I got such an amazing guy to care about me, but I'm really happy and grateful he does.

Lastly, part of why I don't come on here as much as I used to is because I spend the majority of my time on tumblr.  If you'd like to follow me, you can do so here:

I think that's about everything!  Thanks to reading, for those of you who did, and again, I'm sorry it's been such a while.  I missed you guys!
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